A Father and Son Team, Baiada Photography combines experience while keeping on top of current trends in Photography, servicing the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


Experience and a sincere passion for the craft of photography.  Tony breathes the art of photography and thinks about it with every breath he takes.  His commitment to capturing the substance of the moment is evident in faces of the people he photographs.  Tony's strong suit is telling a story, THE story of the most special day of your life.  His unobtrusive and laid back style of shooting enables him to capture images that often are untold.  That moment of an unexpected touch, glance, hug.......all of this defines your day with YOUR personality.  This day is about the individuals, NOT just the event. 

"One of the memories that has stayed with me from my own wedding is of my grandfather, blind and very ill, mustering the energy to stand up from his seat and dance while holding on to the back of his chair. I immediately ran over to him and we laughed and danced together. I looked for our photographer, who was seated in the corner of the room. He was just watching us, and since this was not one of the photos on his shot-list he did not bother to document it. This wonderful moment of my grandfather will die with me; and my kids and grandkids will never have the chance to see the moment. It is this one event in my life that drives Baiada Photography to shoot weddings the way we do." - Tony Baiada, Founder and President of Baiada Photography


A father, husband, photographer, and all around loveable goofball. A champion of over 400 weddings in his 11 years as a professional has taught him many things. Most important one being, have fun! Bringing the professionalism to an event but doing it in a way that doesn’t seem so stiff. He has a big heart and photographs from it each and every time he picks up the camera. So much about what he aims to do, is to connect on a personal level.

If someone is comfortable around you, they ease up themselves and allow for their true selves to come out and be documented as such. That is where the moments take place that are real! He has been taught from the best photographers in the world, ranging from California to Austrailia. But no better teacher than his father, Tony. He has learned everything he knows from Tony. From the time he could walk, he had a camera around his neck. Vacations, family get togethers, etc etc, he always had a camera documenting what is happening around him. He got that from watching his father doing so for so many years. And it certainly shaped the kind of man and photographer he is today. When not documenting, he is usually hanging with my wife, Michele, and chasing around their two year old son, Sal Jr.


«I looked through the pictures and it brought a smile (and a few tears if I'm being honest) remembering the best day of our lives. Thank you for being part of it and for beautifully capturing our wedding.»

«Thank you for your continuous hard work with our wedding photos and our engagement session. Your work is truly amazing and we are thankful to work with you. You guys have created life time memories!»

«We can't thank you enough for capturing all of the perfect moments on our wedding day. We are still having a difficult time choosing the ones for our album! Thank you so so much! Your work is shear art!»

«We absolutely love the images and can't say enough about them and how you were able to capture them all! We can't recommend you and Sal enough. Incredible work!»

«Thank you for taking such beautiful photos of us! We love every single photo and are so lucky to have such wonderful memories of our special day.»

Let us create a lifetime of memories for you

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